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Dankó Beatrix

My name is Beatrix Dankó and I am a professional genealogist and family history researcher. I started to deal with genealogy and family tree research during my university studies (1997-2002) and founded the OSFA Genealogical Bureau in 2005 as a full time researcher, where I started to provide services in the genealogy field.

Residing in Budapest, I have visited many Hungarian archives, libraries and other important institutions over the last decade which gives me significant experience in the field of genealogy and archival research. For me, family tree research is more than simply a job; it is a profession I can put my heart and soul into, and I believe that my co-workers and I, create a kind of value which can enrich people’s lives.

Old family photos and correspondence left by my grandparents sparked my interest in unveiling the past, my roots, and discovering family ties. These family documents and archives enable us to gain insight into the life of a former generation and allow us to travel back to the time of our ancestors.

By researching our family trees, we can learn a lot about our ancestors; where they lived and their way of life, as well as their traditions throughout the centuries. Our family history is one of the cornerstones of our identity. In my opinion, to live life to the fullest, one should know his past and roots. Our ancestors are important companions on the journey towards our future. We are looking for a connection with them, and unknowingly to us they are supporting us in our journey.  I'm glad to be of assistance in accomplishing one of the most special and important experiences of your life; getting to know your origins.

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+36 20 510 2171